Gherkin cloud

“Cloud Computing” from a Gherkin

On June 22nd, at the apex of “The Gherkin”, one of the City of London’s most prestigious locations – commanding amazing views of the city, Microsoft and The Telegraph hosted the “Cloud Computing” Silver Lining event.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to listen and engage with a panel of Microsoft, Telegraph and other Industry speakers.

Here is a short video, taken from my i-phone 4 of the view from the top of the ‘Gherkin’:

The telegraph asked the delegates for their thoughts on the topics, here were mine:

The potential for constructive disruption that cloud technologies can bring to business will make for interesting times ahead. I think there is little doubt that overall cost-savings that businesses will be able to make are huge and they will make it a no-brainer decision for most businesses to move into the clouds.

But – I think the really smart companies will leverage the philosophy (as well as the technology) of the cloud and integrate their operational systems with the sales and marketing functions – opening up their companies to employees, partners and of course customers – aligning themselves fully with the way younger consumers choose and buy their products and services as well as the ways that younger employees will choose their types, methods and places of work. I think that these companies will be the big winners of the (imminent) future.

Link to the event page on the Telegraph website: