The Origin of the MintTwist Method

Back in 2007 our web design and web marketing agency was still a relatively small player.  Serving businesses in North London and a few large corporate clients; much of this business was won through contacts from my previous life as an independent IT Consultant.

Despite being a small team, we were fortunate enough to have some very talented people on board with the right blend of skills.  Between us we were able to create the MintTwist Method.

It was designed to be an ‘ology’ for our business, acting as a set of guiding principals for how to serve our clients in every aspect of the web, from initial planning stages of a business marketing website, right through to the execution of the integrated web marketing campaign.

As a result of making the MintTwist Method as relevant as possible for the market we serve, the wider industry began initially to take interest, and later to help us to refine and develop the methods with their feedback directed through the wide range of MintTwist web channels.

Perfecting the MintTwist method will continue to be a work in progress and feedback is always welcome.

Happy reading.

The MintTwist Method – Web Marketing Strategy
The MintTwist Method – Website Planning
The MintTwist Method – Web Design
The MintTwist Method – Web Development