Web is the ‘critical difference’ in the current recession


I’ve been hearing alot about businesses using an improved Web Marketing Startegy to increase Sales Leads and drive business through a recession. I came accross this article in the UK’s Daily Telegraph which contains some hard data collected directly from businesses out their battling away for new sales leads. Interesting stuff …

It had barely been invented when the UK was last in recession, but less than 20 years later, the Internet is providing a life line to businesses fighting the recession; 45pc of small and medium businesses surveyed by Easynet Connect believe the Internet will be an important tool in helping them survive and prosper during the recession with one in five believing it will be the most important tool in helping their businesses beat the recession.

Part of an upcoming report into SME survival, the survey of 255 Managers from companies with 10-1000 employees, shows how small and medium sized businesses see the Internet as key to boosting their profiles and unlocking new revenue opportunities. For example, 91pc of businesses will use the web to increase their sales leads, 74pc of small businesses will use the web to grow their company profile with 52pc claiming that the web would put them on a level playing field with bigger companies. When it comes to creating new opportunities, 46pc are looking to create new products and services on the web and over 58pc are looking to use the web to expand into new markets at home and overseas.

Chris Stening, Managing Director of Easynet Connect said of the research “The critical difference between now and the recession of the early 90s is the Internet, which could easily be the most important tool in helping businesses to continue to drive new sales leads through the current down turn. The Internet has meant that businesses are much better equipped this time around. In the early 90s we were a world away from online marketing, or e-commerce.”