Custom Web Design Design vs Web Templates

When creating a website for your business, your Web designer will first need to create a visual design and layout.  It is important that this is done with the purpose and aims of your website firmly in mind.

The overall design and information architecture of your website is vital if you are going to effectively transmit your unique message to that unique set of consumers that is your target audience – as well as to entice them into action!

There are two methods for creating a visual design and a layout for your site.  These are outlined below.

The Template Option

The cheapest way of purchasing a layout for your site is to employ a competent web developer who will choose from an array of pre-conceived layouts, a template that will best fit your message and target audience.  They will be able to alter the colours, fonts and images of the template in order to produce a final layout that is more or less in line with what you want.

The Custom Design Option

The most effective way of creating a visual design and layout for your site is to employ a competent and qualified Web designer to work closely with you in order to gain an understanding of your message and target audience.  Once they have done this, they will be able to turn your requirements into a visual design and a layout that will quickly convey your messages to your target audiences, with clear ‘calls to action’ in a manner that will optimise the effectiveness of your website.

What is the value of your website to your business?

In order to make the best choice between these two options you need to try to calculate the potential return on your investment, and ask yourself the question: How much do you value the potential of your website?