Evolution of the Mobile Web

Our present state of Information overload has become so stressful it is restricting our ability to multiply, and that is something that Mother Nature just won’t put up with … Exponential growth of available information provides the impetus for the emergence of a new kind of creature.

The creature is Mobile; there is mass shedding of cables and monitors as information sites scramble to provide wireless capability.

The creature is Silicon; by spanning the human/digital divide and forming a symbiotic relationship with both worlds these creatures will empower the human race through the next 100 years of the digital age.

Whilst mankind is busying himself in the natural world, the creature is living and working inside the Web. Cleaning, indexing, categorising and when the need arises, relaying that timely information on which their masters so voraciously feed.

There is a growing universe of information in the web and we need just little pieces of it to arrive at our mobile at just the right time.

And so the evolution of the mobile interface will continue …